To the world of soy “The Wonder bean” with Oppenheimer Faith Foods Pvt.Ltd., India.

Soybean (Glycine max) ,otherwise known as a ‘miracle crop’ with over 40% protein and 20% oil, originated in China, as early as in 2853 BC. The Emperor Sheng- Nung of China named it as one of the five sacred grains .As you can see soybean has been cultivated in china for more than 4,000 years.

Soybean originated in china and was introduced to India centuries ago through the Himalayan routes and also brought in via Burma (now Myanmar) by traders from Indonesia. As a result, soybean has been traditionally grown on a small scale in Himachal Pradesh , The Kumaon Hills of Uttar Pradesh ( now Uttaranchal), Eastern Bengal , The Khasi Hills ,Manipur ,The Naga Hills ,and parts of Central India covering Madhya Pradesh . Due to its high protein and oil content and other attributes such as its beneficial effects on soil fertility , several attempts were made in the past to popularize soybean cultivation in India.

Soybean has a colorful history .While most of the early history of soybean is unknown due to the lack of records Dr. Theodore Hymowitz , an authority on the subject at the University of Illinois , indicated the beginning of the domestication of soybean might never be known exactly. Evidence suggests that the soybean emerged as a domesticate during the Zhou dynasty in the eastern half of Northern China. The oldest records appear in bronze inscriptions and in early writings that date not much earlier than the 11th century. By the first century A.D. soybean was probably distributed throughout China by trade missions and later to other Asian countries. In the 16th and 17th centuries there are several references to native soy foods in diaries of European visitors to China and Japan .They reported that the Asians were quite creative in converting the soybean into several staple foods such as tofu, soy milk, miso and soy sauce.


 “There can be no doubt that the soybean is one of the most promising of all agricultural plants for an almost unlimited variety of      industrial uses, and that it is going to play an outstanding role in the future economic life of this country. ”   Herry Ford